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Maintain a safe & healthy workspace

Aerochem is now offering a 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer to keep your people safe and healthy. 

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Maintain a clean and healthy workspace for your employees and customers

Multiple Formats Available

350 ml (Minimum order quantity of 12)

3.78 L (Minimum order quantity of 4)

20 L

208 L

Product Benefits

Kills harmful germs and bacteria

Added vitamin E to help keep hands moisturized

Perfect for hand sanitizing stations  at offices, retail, restaurants, manufacturing and construction sites

Approved by Health Canada (NPN 80098560)

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WALTER/Aerochem has converted its high-capacity plant to offer a new an alcohol based surface cleaner to help maintain a safe and healthy environment for your employees and your customers.
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Did you know? 


Did you know that hand hygiene is the most effective measure to prevent and reduce the risk of disease? That's why it's important to display hand sanitizing stations in the workplace. Check out these handy tips.

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