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Demo the all new Xcavator XX grinding wheel

Are you ready for smooth, effortless grinding and ultra-high removal rates? Fill in the form and experience the power of Xcavator XX. Plus, you'll receive a free Walter-branded gift.

Choose Xcavator XX for all of your heavy-duty grinding jobs.

More material removal

Removes 70% more material than any other disc available in the industry.

Removes material faster

Ceramic grain removes material 10% faster than the competition.

Effortless grinding

Less vibration creates a smooth, more comfortable and safer grinding experience. 


Work better. Work less with Xcavator XXTM.

Remove more material, faster, with Walter’s all-new, all-powerful Xcavator XX ceramic grinding wheel. Its unique ceramic grain blend allows for an ultra-fast removal rate, all while reducing stress on the operator. Its long life helps you save time due to less wheel changeovers to provide the most productive wheel for heavy-duty grinding on steel and stainless steel so that you can work better, and ultimately work less.

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